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Changes within Google

Kate Marston - Thursday, March 12, 2015

During April Google will be implementing some changes to web searches carried out on mobile devices.

To keep things simple, the page ranking of websites depends on many things such as visitor numbers, region, relevant page titles, text on page, titling of images, links in and out and more. Some would argue that SEO is the only way to go but really it's more about the relevance of content and engagement. Google take all these factors into account and through a series of complex algorithms, calculates the page ranking. 

In recognition that more consumers are viewing websites on mobile devices, Google are introducing a new set of algorithms. These will detect if a user is searching for a website on a mobile device (phone or tablet). It will then publish the results based on whether the searchable companies have mobile optimised websites.

A mobile optimised site automatically re formats the website content making it easy to read and navigate. To get an idea of how this works have a look at our sister site www.kijanimanjano.com and another example we designed http://www.thelondongeneralpractice.com on a desktop or laptop, and then look at it on your mobile.

Mobile optimised sites live alongside your main site or your main site will adjust responsively to the device it’s being used on. They are often a more refined version of the main site but still allow you to present key information regarding your business. If you don't have a mobile optimised site it will not feature as highly on searches made on mobile devices as those of competitors who do have mobile optimised searches. If your website is not mobile optimised but has a high page ranking when a search takes place from a desktop or laptop then that ranking will remain unaffected. This is a mobile search issue only.

Google are introducing this new search method in April but don’t panic. Whilst mobile searches are on the up it remains the case that millions of companies do not have web optimised sites. You don't need to get one built immediately but it's worthwhile factoring it in to your ongoing marketing and online spend. We are currently designing and developing mobile optimised sites for other clients, so if you're thinking of updating yours, give us a call.

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